NEW ORLEANS  Lakefront Airport (KNEW):    hit by “Katrina” 2 years ago (16 ft under water !)

Check-Out & BFR

Cost Aviation


Burbon Street



flying down the MISSISSIPPE – Delta:























New Orleans: D - Day Museum:







ASMA   - Annual Meeting 2007





Roundtrip with C 172   N 411FA   :  New Orleans  - MobileAtlantaHuntsvilleNashvilleMemphisNew Orleans





Going to MOBILE, Alabama




New Orleans Downtown  /  Superdome





„French Quarter“ :














USS Alabama in Mobile

























Mobile, AL





Going to ALTANTA Hartsfield Int`l Airport







Docteur Frederic  VILLARD,   Geneve









Approching KATL











ATC: „Have you ever been here before ?

N 411FA: “Never, Sir !

ATC: “ Cleared to land RWY 26 R and for your information, RWY 26 , it is the the farmost right runway ahead of you”








first come, first serve !!:







Huntsville, AL






Memphis, TE

Graceland  (mansion of Elvis Presley)





















Memphis Downtown










Beale Street
, Memphis
, TE